Samsung DW60CG530B00 Total integrated dishwasher cm. 60 – 14 seats

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Samsung DW60CG530B00 cm total integrated dishwasher. 60 – 14 seats

Installation type: Built-in
Dimensions: Standard
Control type: Retractable touch
Color/Material: N/A
Display light color: Ice blue

Capacity (Seats): 14
Energy efficiency class: D
Annual energy consumption: 85 kWh/100 cycles
Washing performance: 1.13
Drying performance: 1.07
Dry system: Open Car Door Drying
Water consumption per cycle: 10.5ℓ
Noise level (dBA): 44 dBA
ECO program duration (H:min): 3:30

Number of programs: 7
Normal: N/A
Intensive: Yes
Car: Yes
Delicate: Yes
Eco: Yes
Express: Yes
Fast: Yes
Self-cleaning: Yes

Number of options: 5
Delayed start: Yes
Half load: Yes
Sanitize: Yes
Multi-in 1: Yes
Security Lock: Yes
Auto Open: Yes

Upper basket
Basket handle: Yes
Foldable cup shelves: Yes
Height adjustable: Yes
Adjustable feet: Yes
Cup/glass support teeth: Yes

Lower basket
Basket handle: Yes
Foldable feet: Yes
Removable teeth: N/A
Glass shelf: Yes

Cutlery basket
Cutlery tray: Yes
Cutlery basket: N/A

General characteristics
Water stop: Yes
Tank material: Stainless steel
Anti-flooding sensor: Yes
Number of rotating arms: Top/Middle/Bottom
Sliding hinge system: No
Water softener: Yes

Net width: 598 mm
Net height: 815 mm
Net depth: 550 mm
Net weight: 39.5kg
Gross width: 655 mm
Gross height: 875 mm
Gross depth: 645 mm
Gross weight: 45.5 kg
Custom panel (maximum weight): 7 kg

Electrical (Volts/Hertz/Amps): 220-240V/ 50Hz
Power (Watt):1800W
Circulation motor: 98W
Drain pump: 30W
Leveling screws: 0-60mm

Basic information
Product origin: China

Excellent energy class
Thanks to a high energy class, this dishwasher ensures perfect dishes, saving you energy, time and effort. The baskets slide with a fluid movement and can be configured to load objects of various sizes. And the door opens by itself: more convenient than that!

High energy efficiency
Less energy, but always effective washing thanks to the high energy efficiency class D, pursuant to the new European labeling system, in force from 2021. A system that has proven to consume less electricity without reducing washing performance or the functionality of the product.

Flexible loading
Arrange plates, cups and glasses more easily and safely. The feet of the intermediate basket can be adjusted to 3 different angles using a special lever, while those of the lower basket fold to make room for large dishes, and with the special glass holder.

Automatic adjustment
Load dishes of different sizes and shapes more easily. Thanks to the automatic adjustment you can quickly raise or lower the upper basket with a single gesture, gaining space in the lower basket to place plates of different sizes and shapes, but also tall pots, trays and serving plates.

Third flexible basket
Make the most of your dishwasher’s loading space. The third flexible basket, located in the upper part, is designed to store small and light cutlery and utensils, freeing up space in the central basket. The powerful jets of water will thoroughly clean the dishes, which will also be protected.

Auto Open
The Auto Open function guarantees dishes that are always clean and shiny. Once the rinsing and drying process is complete, the door automatically opens 10 cm to expel the steam, thus offering better and faster results than traditional methods, especially for plastic and small objects.

Hygiene Care
Hygienic rinsing to eliminate germs and bacteria. With some programmes*, the Hygiene Care option extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70 ˚C**. This allows for a deeper clean and eliminates 99.999% of bacteria**. To always have plates, cutlery and kitchen utensils safe to use. *Not available with Auto program.** Based on testing conducted by Intertek by placing a bacteria-contaminated test pan in the dishwasher and counting the number of bacteria before and after washing on the Eco + Sanitize cycle. Removes 99.999% of certain types of bacteria, including Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteritidis and Listeria monocytogenes.

Keep your dishwasher clean and sanitized without sacrificing savings. With the self-cleaning function you can wash it by simply pressing a button: the program removes the dirt and bacteria responsible for the bad odors that form inside the compartment, using only water, without adding aggressive detergents.

Aqua Stop
The Aqua Stop safety function prevents any damage caused by accidental water leakage: if it detects even the slightest traces of water, it cuts off the water and electricity supply, stopping the dishwasher. By doing so, it prevents electric shock and costly water damage.

Samsung DW60CG530B00 Total integrated dishwasher cm. 60 – 14 seats
Original price was: €729,00.Current price is: €629,00.
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